A Fallen Tree, Bearing Moss
Poem by Meg Smith
There is no touch, but you, and I,
only in air, closing the circle.
There is no word, but, you, and I, 
in the haze of indifferent sun.  
October 2021 / Meg Smith / Ruchi Acharya / Tom Charles Bair III / Isabella Melians / Vytenis Bagdonas / Mike Bove
Close to the Edge
Poem by Chella Courington
She carved a woman 
on her knees, mostly stomach, 
hands buried her bowed face
August 2021 / Chella Courington / Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare / Glenn Bach / Elizabeth Upshur / Steven Hendrix / Kushal Poddar
Poem by Alan Bern
Now owl in the eye of the eagle— eagle after owl and after wolf. That wolf in the head. Wolf after owl. Now the victims recede. No victories
July 2021 / Alan Bern / Seungbihn Park / Jasper Nighthawk / Holly Guran / George Ryan / Tiana Lavrova Porter
I, Babylon
Poem by Marco Abuyuan-Llanes
dedicated to Jennifer Laude
she with the voice of bronze,
     with the voice of blades
and beasts breaking
May 2021 / Marco Abuyuan-Llanes / Connor Fisher / Sreekanth Kopuri / Praniti Gulyani / Dennis Hinrichsen / Michael Rerick
The March of History
Poem by Lorelei Bacht
Turn my body to smoke deliver me from land and history there is no me only the greater good you are greater than me
April 2021 / Lorelei Bacht / Han Hamid / Ron Riekki / C Rowan Hawthorn / N.S. Reiss / Benjamin Robinson