Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare

Trends mirrored me
I wrapped fire in my gut
Passed through the cells of light
I cut my anchor rope
Struggled to realize my dreams
I floated above time
All is left to me alone – alone
The suffering – sleeplessness
I swam the opposite of my tragedies
I’m a prisoner despite the distress
I did not give up my sails to the sea
In the memory of my beginning
I walked in my derby
Criticism – heart breaks – suffering
I wore them my stories
Walkers hated me
Lookers spited at me ugliness
I held it for years
Crossed it to sleep on
Hugged it – Hugged it
Mortgaged myself
Watered all my seeds
Although revolution is repeated
Yet career has not risen
Planes of enemies
Tasted the scourge of the earth
Civilization denied me
Parties divided me
Earth hunger revolted it
Soul milk satiated it. 
Clatter of happiness fatten our ears with/
Spirited praises - glorifications.
Drums - alto saxophones - eject contents
Of heavenly beats & lyrics  - many feet know too much dance - As attestation to the lord
For the bell of another year jingle to our witness in glorious shape.
Hubbub of crackers strip the air of it scent - nothing smell but roasted pork sausage
It "gbo-a" send concern to the weak health of mama & papa
It outcry threaten the ears of their little baby - revealing a toothless smile to the multiple colors birthed by the awful crackers
Mama in happiness - with our happiness tonight - won't God's ears be deafened by our noise?


Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare with the sobriquet Paciolo Pen Saint is an aspiring budding poet who writes to outlive his existence after his extinction. He believes he can make the world hear his voice via the power of pen and he prefers diffusing any kind of message or teaching in poetry. He’s a student of Ibadan Polytechnic Studying Accountancy.

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Instagram: @paciolopensaint224

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