Tiana Lavrova Porter


Barbell-toothed, Cattolican Hagia, arachnid-esophageal
Sophia’s are the putrid, winged-pad husk
of incorrigibly SupraSurlimnedmoralitude Postawsdoms of Postnatureism: a chiropractic, Jesuit
winter solstice gloated and suffering the
of spell-checking Burberry, a pro-nucleus skating rink
where glossolalic Play-Dough wrings its-ISMS
Georgian-scripted globus,
and a sea of Platonic Forms crashes like a Geodesic dome of
sufferingMetrika Becausenessesence of the GalaktikosIslandisms of
Rocket WoxMan,
where the PostSurLiminalia of the levels of conscioGenesisiaification
mereotoscopically sublimate an antithesis-synthesis of
endemikai okradaium
leveling above the craniums of bodily fluid playing
symbolically with their ice-berg lettuce nakedness
until the Comet Hyakutake is still-born
in the birth canal of Galean-inspired Mesodermodons not of
Bouban Spiritaulistlogist Delusionalisma,
but swaths of Threeism pointillist threeism repeating: itisms surliminiycrickified
Logographememeticians converted twight the Great Flood
of polyglotticeseified Oceaniacentricificationia’s —Craneified Oxleryingdom in a lumberjack
funnel’s criticalizable Epocheificatoion,
whose dimorphism will consist of an omega-3-rich uterus:
“THIS - is a Dasein alphabet soup salad in avoidant,
Post-Canadiana PRE-Dreamcatcherification-Corncuscupuloifeddreamscapelings.” (translated).


Tiana Lavrova Porter is a 21 year old Canadian Surrealist poet and aspiring philosopher. She plans to study Futurology and become a co-inventor. She also has an interest in playwriting and screenwriting.