Vytenis Bagdonas

Home alone
Jelly ball skidmarks
Streaming on baby carrot puke orange laminate
First time alone, youngling
A squab smashes against the glass
Flutters away in a deranged seizure of flight
Little brown ants little brown roaches little sand colored moths
A gray dust patina on life yet unlived
Sunlight bombing me out of my mind
As thoughts strive to jump out of windows and 
Through hoops right here 
On the beer stained sticky rug
Don’t you dare fall asleep now
Sizzling in the infrared
Outside, somewhere, grandma approaches
‘Gonna just grab a newspaper from the stand
Don’t do anything’
Clouds coming in from the South, steps
The dust smells funny
I’ve put honey into wrappers
Called it candy
Got scolded
Keys jingle
Gramps was alive back then


Vytenis is a Lithuanian writer from Vilnius. His creative work focuses on the personal and societal impact of trauma, diverging cultural realities, and technological progress, combining his academic background (History and Communications) with a stated deep responsibility to experience life to the fullest through creativity.

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